Here's how it works

  • Set your event. Choose a date and a place to host your event (most spa retreats are in the comfort of your home). Pick a theme, some examples are listed at right. Call us to reserve your date. We recommend calling 2 -3 weeks in advance to reserve your date for your event.
  • Spread the word. We’ll send you an e-mail to confirm your appointment. Also included is instruction on “how to” invite your friends and family to join you at your spa retreat. (To allow for those inevitable schedule conflicts, invite a few more than you want to have actually attend.)
  • Confirm who’s coming. A day or so before the event, call everyone on your list to confirm they’ll be able to make it.
  • Set up your refreshments. The day of the event, keep it SIMPLE…refreshments such as lemon water or wine go well with spa treatments. It’s not necessary to serve a lot of food, you’ll be too busy enjoying your spa treatments to eat. Grapes and cheese or salsa and chips can complement the different themed spas.
  • Relax into the spa experience We bring everything to pamper you and your friends and family. A relaxation specialist will arrive about 30 minutes ahead of time to transform your living room into a day spa. We’ll lower the lights a little, add some candles, and put on some quiet music in keeping with your theme. After the room is set up, we’ll help everyone find a seat and get them started on their spa treatments.


Don’t let life get in the way of treating yourself to a guilt-free indulgence – contact your relaxation specialist today to schedule your Spa Retreat. Available throughout Wisconsin.